Wed. February 15 11:30-1:30 –  Dunning 12.

Round Table General Assembly with participants in the Occupy movement – including Occupy Kingston and Occupy Queen’s.

“Occupy” was named word of the year by Berkeley linguist Geoff Nunberg in 2011. It’s verb and noun, frame of mind and way of life, metaphor and practice. And it’s gone viral. Occupy took a while to get to Queen’s. Now it’s here, it’s contested, and it’s growing, most recently in presentations by visiting Israeli curator Ariella Azoulay and OcQupy Day of Action in the ARC.

Come to this Round Table General Assembly to share and debate about Occupy as concept and as movement. Participant speakers include Job Arnold (Queen’s Cultural Studies), Neale Aziz (Queen’s Sociology), Felicity Monk (Queen’s Political Studies/University of Edinburgh) and Connor Edington (Queen’s Environmental Science).