Music and the “Feminized” Peacekeeper at the Canadian War Museum

Presented by Dr. Kip Pegley

March 20th at 12:00 pm in room 126, Jeffery Hall

All museums are designed to shape public opinion and the Canadian War Museum is no exception. Kip Pegley explores how sound contributes to the museum’s compelling historical narratives, narratives designed to persuade visitors that Canadian peacekeepers are unique, benevolent, and critically needed on the international scene, thus justifying the government’s decisions to send its military into dangerous conflict zones.


Kip Pegley is an associate professor in the School of Music at Queen’s University with cross-appointments to the Department of Film and Media, the Department of Gender Studies and the Graduate Programme in Cultural Studies. Dr. Pegley is also a researcher at the Canadian Institute for Military and Veteran Health Research.

NOTE: Dr. Pegley’s presentation will begin at 12:00 pm (30 minutes later than the usual starting time for SPEAKS sessions)


A Gender Studies Brown Bag event in collaboration with Cultural Studies